Digital Launch

Teremyağ, a very unique brand in the Turkish margarine market, has always been actively using digital channels to engage its target audience. After completing several development projects – including an innovative recipe website delivering personalized content through out Ramadan- we’ve been tasked with designing a digital game plan for the launch of the brand new Teremyağ Liquid Margarine.



We designed and executed a digital launch campaign built on 3 pillars:

1- To familiarize our target audience with the new product, we produced 100 recipes prioritized with respect to Google search volume.

2- To communicate the value proposition of the new product we utilized a very message oriented banner campaign utilizing programmatic and manual placements.

3- To educate consumers about the new product, we designed and produced a series of Bumper ads targeting frequently searched recipe videos.

Currently, we are wrapping up the launch campaign and look forward to executing a digital strategy worthy of Teremyağ brand’s potential.

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