Bizim Yağ
Digital Strategy

Bizim Yağ, the Turkish margarine market leader, started working with us with the objective of designing and executing a long term digital strategy to compliment their strong market standing.


We designed a 3 stage digital strategy for Bizim Yağ:

Stage 1: Create sustainable brand engagement on the social channels preferred by the target audience.

Stage 2: Identify and execute unique opportunities to deliver the Bizim Yağ brand value through digital experiences.

Stage 3: Expand digital touch points beyond social channels to generate value for our target audience in their daily lives.

Through out Stage 1 & 2, we focused on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In 2017, Bizim Yağ was the FMCG-Food brand that generated the most engagements on Facebook for 5 months. On Instagram, with 130 K Followers and an engagement rate of 2%, Bizim Yağ is the top FMCG- Food brand. Our Youtube channel, surpassed 35 thousand subscribers in 9 months.


Going forward, we will explore mobile opportunities along with more technologically advanced solutions to maximize our interaction points with our target audience.

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